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About Us


Amigos de SF preschool offers a nurturing, fun and developmentally appropriate  Spanish immersion environment for children ages 2-5 years old. We are a year-round, full-day art-based preschool offering full and part-time schedules.


Amigos de SF provides a stimulating and creative learning environment in Spanish that encourages the development of each child’s social skills through both structured and unstructured play experiences.

We promote pre-literacy and literacy skills through natural and meaningful activities like social dramatic play, cooking, classroom meetings, discussion, as well as, through high-quality children’s books.

To enhance these experiences, we use the large outdoor space to be a continuation of the children’s classroom. Many of the same academic activities that are done inside are also done outside such as painting, drawing, reading stories, singing, and dancing all in Spanish! Our outdoor space is a way to explore bugs and plants, play in our outdoor kitchen or discover new songs with Maestra Julie.


We have carefully planned a physical environment that is stimulating, warm and includes a natural outdoor environment as an integral part of the education program.

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