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We are very excited that you are interested in Amigos de SF Preschool and want to make sure that you have all of the information you need before scheduling your tour. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

What ages do you enroll?
We enroll children between the ages of 2-5 years old.

What are the hours of the school?
School hours are 8-5:30 pm. Half day program is until 12:00PM.


What is your staff to child ratio?
The staff to child ratio is 1:8


What month does school start?
We are a year round school.


Do you take children who are not potty-trained?

Yes, we have students in diapers. We believe that toilet training, like many developmental milestones, should be approached at a child’s own pace so that he or she can experience a sense of mastery. We do not require our applicants to master toileting prior to admission


Do you have an outdoor play area for the children?
We have a large outdoor area which has several areas for exploration including a play structure.


Do you have a policy regarding snacks?
Our aim is to expand the palate and provide a wide variety of foods to children during our morning and afternoon snack time. (Parents provide lunches).


What if my child does not speak Spanish?

Amigos de SF teaches Spanish in a fun, all-inclusive manner using puppets, songs and dance. Teachers speak Spanish 100% of the time. If a child does not understand something, the teacher uses body language, visuals, exaggerated facial expressions, and expressive intonation to communicate their meaning. Additionally, teachers will use key phrases, books, and games to engage and draw the child into the language. In preschool, it is common for students to speak English with their peers and when responding to their teacher- especially if they are not familiar with the language. As the year progresses, students naturally use more Spanish with peers and teachers.



All school paperwork must be completed and return prior to the first day of school 

  • Change of clothes – leave in the cubby and replace when necessary.

  • 1 nut free lunch every day in a small lunchbox – Keep ice pack to keep the lunch cool or in a thermos if it needs to be hot

  • Please, no candies or cookies. Extra snacks optional - we provide snacks twice a day at school

  • Diapers and wipes (for 2 weeks at least) + diaper cream (optional)

  • Sunscreen SPF40 (applied on your child before school) + hat.

  • Please mark all your child’s belongings with a permanent marker

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